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5 Bulletproof Ways to Generate Leads From Facebook Without Wasting Money
3 Big Facebook Ad Mistakes That Cost Me $125,000 And How You Can Avoid Them
Written by Tyler Pratt - 5 days ago
Getting leads from Facebook,,,, What?

Facebook is not just about sharing, liking, or being social.  Its also a great place to get the right people in front of your message. 

Ok so as of now the stats say... 2 billion people are on Facebook.  That means there should be a small group of people who are hungry for your services. 

We just need to attract them, and get them into your system.   Your "facebook lead generation system". 

Below is 5 bulletproof ways to attract the right people into your lead flow.  Then you can create a relationship and offer some of your amazing services. 

Facebook Lead Generation Strategy #1
Share links to content on your Fanpage Wall
Lets start off right, are you giving your fans an opportunity to convert into a lead?  

A simple fix for this is to take the content you are already using to generate leads and present that content to your fans.   

The best content is going to be the one that leads people to a place that will let them enter in there email to get on your list.    If you have a great Free Offer to give away then generating leads on your landing page will be no problem. 
Blog post can be shared just make sure you have a call to action on the page.    In the example above with the boat.  That leads to my blog post, but there is a call to action at the bottom and sidebar. 

The video I did on my page leads directly to a lead capture page.  

Videos are amazing for facebook lead generation.   You can post a video and also post a link to your youtube video.   Both work great. 

These types of content get shared really well with the facebook community.  And that means you get more exposure, more leads, and more sales.    

Cool huh?  Yes!!! 
Facebook Lead Generation Strategy #2
Include a (CTA) button on your fanpage
Facebook used to let you put a call to action button on your sidebar, but they have eliminated it.   

But now you get a big blue Learn More button on top.  This button can go (and should) directly to your lead generation page. 

You have a few different option for the text, but learn more seems to the the favorite. 

I like to use a graphic image to get people to see the button.  Notice the giant red arrow.

See ME, See This, haha,  This will make sure NO one misses your Call To Action to head over to your lead generation page. 
Facebook Lead Generation Strategy #3
Expand your fanbase and reach. 
Look at all the choices... Makes your marketing mouth salivate doesn't it. 

Just thinking to yourself.

"I can get tons of traffic to my offer and make Tons and Tons of Money"

Don't do it :) :)

Oh and LOOK, they even recommend All Devices
Ok so my 2nd Big mistakes that cost me Big $$$ is placing my ads on All Devices

It took me a long time but I figured out that Mobile Desktop was eating all my money like a giant Monster who was hungry.

So again, if Facebook recommends it, does not make it right to use. 
Facebook Ads Big Mistake #3 - Targeting
One of the trainers who I was following explained that you can target just about anything you want on facebook.  

And he said he was crushing it targeting Thought Leaders.

You know, like Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, etc...

So when I heard that I started to get super excited.   

"Why target just one when I can hit them all at the same time"

haha,, Im sure you can see where this is going and leading to my Big mistake #3

Look at this List, and then think about all the Thought Leaders in your industry.
Mistake #3 really put me in a hole fast. I was spending so much money and I could not figure out why.

Later I realized that some of the thought leaders are so over priced that it killed my campaigns.

So basically I was spending way to much for ads I didn't not need. 
And thats when I realized it wasn't my fault!

Its because of wrong information from the so called "gurus". No wonder I was struggling!

For years, they had been telling me Targeting 2 Million + was the only way to get traffic to your offers, and when I figured out that it wasn't true, I was finally able to break out of their cages and get the results I deserved.

The real problem is marketing gurus who are putting out bogus information. They were the ones keeping me from getting targeting real traffic, or real buyers interested in what I had to offer. 

Once I realized I was making these marketing mistakes, thats when I started to get super targeted traffic and making sales really FAST!

But it wasn't just me. Hundreds of others stopped making these mistakes and started using facebook to gain massive success.

I didn't realize when I started that not only does it bring in targeted traffic, but also targeted leads, buyers and repeat customers. 

So what I did was get with some others who used these techniques and we put together a super training called Magnet Facebook Marketing

This took us 30 hours to create, and cost me $30,000.

But it was totally worth it.

It makes generating real traffic and leads so much easier!

What used to take me weeks to get traffic going, I can get all the traffic I need in just a couple of hours.

And NOT waste anymore Money!!

Generates the right leads and sales.

Its all automated so you can have fun doing other stuff.

Attract the right people and not wasting time on tire kickers.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what others are saying:

"This marketing system saves me time and effort every day! I love how it automates my lead flow and brings the right buyers into my sales funnel.
Brian McCoy - LeadsAndMore, LLC

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About Author: 
Tyler Pratt

Tyler Pratt is a Youtube Marketing Specialist helping small businesses generate more leads and sales using Social Media. 

About Author: 
Tyler Pratt

Tyler Pratt is a Facebook Ad Specialist helping small businesses generate more leads and sales using digital marketing.  
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