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Written by Tyler Pratt - 2 hours ago
Once I realized I was making these marketing mistakes, thats when I started to get super targeted traffic and making sales really FAST! But it wasn't just me. Hundreds of others stopped making these mistakes and started using facebook to gain massive success. I didn't realize when I started that not only does it bring in targeted traffic, but also targeted leads, buyers and repeat customers. 

Written by Tyler Pratt - 1 day ago
How many articles are there about how to make passive income online?  Lots and Lots! Thousands, maybe even Millions, way to many... Yet there is problem with all the thousands of articles out there. So many of them are just talking about stuff that either never works, or worked 15 years ago.  But with all these Passive Income Online articles you see, someone has to be pulling in the Millionaire cash, right?

Written by Tyler Pratt - 5 days ago
Getting leads from Facebook? Facebook is not just about sharing, liking, or being social. Its also a great place to get the right people in front of your message.  Ok so as of now the stats say... 2 billion people are on Facebook. That means there should be a small group of people who are hungry for your services.  We just need to attract them, and get them into your system. Your "facebook lead generation system". 

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