Yes, Tyler! I Want This. 

Here's what I'm doing:
I'm applying to talk to Tyler Pratt about growing my business
And in doing so, I'm leaving a good faith deposit of $500.
This is what I know will happen next:
  •  I'll be sent to a calendar booking link after paying the deposit to set up a time for me to talk to Tyler personally.
  •  I'll be given time slots from 9am-1pm M-F Eastern Time Zone
  •  Tyler and I will determine mutually if this is right for me.
  •  If Tyler and I decide we're not a good "fit", I get my deposit back.
  •  If I think Tyler has wasted my time, he will give me DOUBLE my deposit back because he's the real deal and doesn't screw around. 
  •  If we decide we are a good fit, I will become a client. I understand that the dues are $4,500 per month. 
  •  As a client, I'll be speaking with Tyler every week. 
  •  I'll also get unlimited access to Tyler through email.
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